Posted by: frogstale | June 18, 2013

My first post – yeeha! how exciting!

I am writing a memoir.  Guess what its called.  Yes you guessed right – A Frog’s Tale.

I just went to a talk about memoirs and blogging and came away energised to start my own blog. I have so much to talk about.  Two ex husbands, one who I thought was a sex addict but turns out he has a personality disorder, one who I thought was the perfect husband, especially after the first one.  Turns out he has Aspergers.  Two men with no empathy. What was I thinking?

So now, the second husband is living in my garage because he lost his job and has nowhere to go. The first husband is still taking me to court to punish me for God knows what.

Glutton for punishment.  I thought I might give it another go and am attempting on-line dating.  There are so many funny things I can tell you about that!  You’re gonna have a hoot!

So, although right now there isn’t one person reading this blog I’m going to get this all down so I don’t forget.  And maybe one day other people can learn from my roller coaster life.



  1. Well Karen…..I read your blog so at least one
    Person has read it (-:
    Cheers AMG

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