Posted by: frogstale | June 19, 2013

On-line dating – the best one liners!

I have to tell you about the best one-liners I have received so far during my recent on-line dating exploits.

So here goes, hold your breath, it’s amazing …….

Remember me!  That’s right, I’ve only met you in my dreams‘ from a guy standing there, arms crossed, dark sunglasses, big handlebar moustache, looking like he is in a police mugshot and is a hit guy for the Godfather!

My reply –‘Do you really think that cheesy pick up line is going to work!’ DELETE

There there was the ‘I must be a snowflake because I have fallen for you.’ I gave this guy a go, he looked alright, I thought I would forgive him for his blunder ….’Well that’s a pick up line! Unique anyway. Bit over the top actually. So what about my profile interested you?’ Never heard from him again.

But that’s OK, I got a few guys I am chatting with at the moment.  One more promising than most.  Will keep you posted !  Ha, that’s right, that old saying meant writing a letter – now it means an actual post on a blog – how cool!



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