Posted by: frogstale | July 2, 2013

Junk Sex

I have been approached in on-line dating for NSA – what the hell was the guy talking about?  No Strings Attached – sex without the relationship.  I thought about it, for a second or two, and decided it wasn’t for me.  Yes I miss the act of sex but what I miss much more than that is the intimacy.  The kissing, the cuddling, the spooning in bed as you drop off to sleep, having someone to bring a cuppa up to in the morning.  I can’t do sex without intimacy.  I might have been able to when I was in my twenties, before marriage (two!), children, responsibilities.  Before really knowing how important the intimacy is.

This article in Psychology Today explains it so well.  Sex without intimacy is like junk food.  What a great way to put it.  So next time I get asked for NSA I will be able to say, no thanks, I look after my body and my mind.  I don’t do junk food or junk sex.


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