Posted by: frogstale | August 20, 2013

Dad of the Year?

Ex with a personality disorder loves to play ‘Dad of the Year’.  When we were together he admitted to me ‘I only played with the kids when they were young because I knew it was something I should do.  I never ever enjoyed it but did it because I was supposed to.’

When I left him he used the kids as pawns to get more money in the property settlement – and I will gradually tell you that story here or in my second book.

If you read my other posts you will see how he lies and distorts the truth to make himself look better and me look bad.  See Iceburg Truth.

If he truly loved his children he would have stopped the ‘war’ with me and made choices in their best interests – even if that meant that he perceived me as the ‘winner’ in that particular battle.

Like letting me use the children’s private health cover for them!  See my post The Battle is over

Like not sending them on an overseas flight to Bali alone to because it is ‘cheaper’ see Iceburg Truth.

James plays ‘Dad of the Year’ when he gives the children big gifts on their birthdays but then won’t pay any money out of his own pocket (which is very well lined) when they go to a kids birthday party and need to take a present.

James has bought our eldest son, Jack, a car.  Doesn’t that sound great?  Buying a 16 year old a car when he doesn’t even have his licence yet.  Wow, what a generous, loving Dad.

Woah though, wait a minute…………..

James works a fly in/fly out job and is on holiday every other month.  He has a house in the city and we live about 40 minutes away in the suburbs – during good traffic.  James  normally only stays in his city pad for a couple of weekends during his four weeks off and Jack, spends the maximum of 2 – 4 nights at his Dad’s place every eight weeks.

James’ girlfriend, Susie’s 17 year old daughter Cherie lives in the city pad full time with another 17 year old friend and goes to a local school (and don’t get me started on the inappropriateness of that!).

Normally when James spends his couple of weekends in our City he hires a car.

James sent me an email explaining about the new car he has purchased …..

The car is for both Jack and Cherie to share until they wish to purchase their own vehicle. It will have a registered permitted car space at our place in the City. Cherie and Jack will be responsible for the fuel , Susie will pay registration and insurances .

What a great Dad.  He has bought his son a car …. but ….. he will have access to it for 2 – 4 nights every two months when he has to share it with his ‘step-sister’ and sort out who will pay for the fuel – and that is once he gets his driver’s licence in 9 months time.  The rest of the time he can use it whenever he can negotiate it with her, but oh yeah, it is 40 minutes drive away so he has to get himself there to pick it up and drop it off.  And oh yeah, his dad will no longer need to hire a care when he is here and can use the car he ‘bought’ his son.

Cast your vote in the comments below!  Is James Dad of the year?


  1. You are so strong.. I do think I worked it out.. don’t settle.. you deserve to have happiness, companionship and love third time lucky.. best of luck and I look forward to more updates on your blog.

    • Thanks – glad you worked it out. Will keep you posted.

  2. […] I wrote a while ago about how Narcissists, or those with personality disorders, like to play ‘Dad of the Year’. […]

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