Posted by: frogstale | September 11, 2013

A karma update

See my post the other day about karma getting my ex (and my son as a bystander unfortunately, but that is not such a bad thing).

Here’s a summary – thirteen year old son gets Iphone as a birthday present from his father (my ex).  I didn’t really think it was suitable but his father gave it to him anyway.  His father has a personality disorder so if I have an opinion on something, he deliberately goes out of his way to do the opposite.  On purpose.  I should have learned my lesson years ago and not told him my opinion, but I forgot on this ocassion!

My son broke the phone within minutes of getting it by trying to shove the sim card in and consequently can now only use it at home and for music.  Yay – that is just what I thought would be best for him.

The next night he fiddled, pushed, probed and prodded it, and after numerous calls to his Dad he got the sim to work.  Now he just has to activate it.

Five phone calls to his Dad, lots more fiddling, sending texts to himself, and an hour later we find out the problem…..

Charlie gets off the phone for the 6th time that evening to his Dad  ….

I ask, ‘So what is the problem Charlie, can you fix it?

No.  It is a global roaming card or something.’

‘What does that mean?  Can’t you use it here?’

‘No, Dad says that all the calls go through England and back again so I can’t use it.  He’s gonna have to wait until I see him again and get another sim.’

‘Wow, I didn’t know they had those.  Oh well, never mind, at least you can use it for music and downloads at home until he can get you  a new one.  He’ll probably have to get it fixed because the place you put the sim card is stuffed too.’

His Dad, who earns a huge amount of money in a fly in fly out job,  but who fights me over every cent he pays in child support and won’t spend a penny more on the children’s things if he thinks I should be paying for it, went shopping for the best value sim  card for his son. Oops, it is designed for people travelling overseas and won’t work here!

I had to laugh -Karma I love you.



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