Posted by: frogstale | September 26, 2013

I told you so

Knock knock knock, bang bang bang, ding dong, ding dong.

‘What the…’.  I am rudely woken in the middle of the night.  I open my eyes and look at the clock.  Three am glows brightly in red.

Knock knock knock, bang bang bang, ding dong ding dong.

I finally shake off the sleep, get up and start walking downstairs.  As I approach the bottom steps I see the front door being opened and a policewoman poking her head inside.

WHAT!  How could the door be open, I was sure I locked it last night.  And why is a policewoman walking into my house?

Before I could even start panicking she says ‘Mam, I have Charlie here’.  W H A T !!

I open the door further and look out.  Standing sheepishly next to a policeman is my 13 year old son.  What the hell is going on? I can’t quite believe what I am seeing.

‘Mam, we found your son sitting in the local park with a girl.  We picked him up and brought him home.’

This couldn’t be my son they are talking about.  He couldn’t possibly have done something like this.  But there was no mistaking it, there he was, standing outside the front door at 3am accompanied by the police.

While I was talking to him and the police getting more details, disappointment and worry set it.  I know this child has suffered from my break up with his father and the huge amount of conflict between us.  He has always been ‘naughty’ and I worry that he has his father’s personality disorder.  Now I was faced with the reality that he had stepped over a boundary and maybe my worst fears for him were going to be realised.

After a few words on how dangerous it was and a caution to Charlie not to do it again, the police left and we went into the living room.

‘What were you doing Charlie?’

‘We were texting and couldn’t sleep.  So we decided to meet up.’

‘You sneaked your phone into the bedroom and were using it to contact this girl?’

‘Yes.  I’m sorry Mum, I know I shouldn’t have done it.’

My  son was given an Iphone for his 13th birthday by his father.  I advised against it because I knew it would be misused.  His father, as normal, did the opposite of my advice and gave it to him anyway, so I was pleased when it broke and the sim card not operational.  Charlie could only use it at home on the internet and I thought that meant it was harmless.  My mistake.

I know the phone is not the reason this happened. Charlie made some bad choices, and will now be suffering the consequences.  But having the phone gave him the means.

When I advised his father I didn’t think an iphone was a good idea for an immature irresponsible 13 year old, I could never have guessed the outcome.

But now I so want to tell his father ‘I told you so’.

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