Posted by: frogstale | October 1, 2013

Why did you stay?

Why did you stay?

That age old question that people who have never experienced an abusive or toxic relationship ask.

There is never an easy or short answer.  How can you explain the years of hope and love, the subtle games the abuser plays and the cycle of abuse that keeps drawing you back?

It would take a book.  Oh yes, that’s right, I’m writing a book.  My Memoir with the title – A Frog’s Tale – a metaphor for being subtly drawn in without even knowing it.

It’s nice to see an article that uses the same parable and has another take on Why did you stay?

Makes good reading.

What Awful Marriages and Cults have in Common



  1. I enjoyed reading the linked article about abusive relationships and the cult mentality. I do like your short answer. My motivating factor was love and hope as well.

    • Thanks Jandc. There is a lot of interesting information out there. When I first discovered the personality disorder I read avidly and have a library of books about it. I haven’t looked again until I started this blog and there is so much more now. The trouble is it is mostly only on the internet, but we need to get the information out to the public about how many personality disordered people are out there and how much havoc they wreak. Thanks again. FT

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