Posted by: frogstale | October 17, 2013

Blogging is a strange beast!

Normally I spend a long time writing my posts.  Serious posts about what I think are interesting subjects.  Sex addiction, personality disorders, co-parenting.  I hope to get a book published and so I want everything I blog to be as perfect as I can get it, after once my book is published my numerous readers are going to come to my blog to see what happened next.  I have to get it right!  So I write, edit, write, check, edit, edit, check.

Then ……. I write a really short post in under 5 minutes about something completely different , don’t check it at all – just press PUBLISH, thinking only my small band of followers will see it.  And WHAMMO

Ping …. Like

Ping …..Follower

Ping …. Like

Ping …. Like

Ping …. Like

Ping …..Follower

Ping …..Follower

Ping, ping, ping!

Eight likes and seven followers within a few minutes!  How did that happen so fast?  My short, fast and dirty post got this response!

Blogging is indeed a strange beast!


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