Posted by: frogstale | October 29, 2013

24/7 access on mobile phones is not always a good thing

I read an interesting article today on how texting is stressing us out.

Text messages are also written quickly particularly if the texter is doing something else so the content may contain typos and be otherwise ambiguous. As a result, a text message can be easily misunderstood by the recipient, creating stress in the relationship.  Then there is the fact that, although they need not be read in real time, some recipients feel they must do so or seem rude, disinterested, or socially out of it. Thus, the texts need to be monitored and responded to as quickly as they come in, which in turn only increases their frequency even more.

Modern technology – mobile phones, emails, social media – has given those around us 24/7 access to our lives.

In the days before mobile phones – yes there was a time without them – when even answer machines didn’t exist –  if someone wanted to contact you they had to phone or write a letter.  If you weren’t home, bad luck.  If you were home and didn’t feel like answering you could just ignore it.  We used to have control over who we let into our lives and when we let them in.

Not now. Most of us are contactable by mobile almost 24/7 and receive text messages within seconds of them being sent.  It feels like there is an invisible string tying me to anyone who chooses to send me a text.

That is great when your kids are out and text you to let you know they are safe, or want a lift.  It is useful if you are running late and need to let your friend know.

It is not a good thing when there is a person in your life using the knowledge that you are just there, on the end of the phone, whenever they feel like contacting you.

Harassment, stalking, verbal abuse, passive aggressive communication  – all the stock in trade behaviours of a personality disordered person – are now so much easier using a mobile phone.

Is the seeming explosion in the number of psycho stalking exes because there are more people like that around, or is it because mobile phones have given them instant 24/7 access to their victims?


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