Posted by: frogstale | November 5, 2013

The power of Facebook

A post every few days, a slow trickle of followers, an average of 30 views a week.  A slow process with no particular goal in mind.  I was happy with that.  All I wanted when I started was a presence for when try to get my memoir published.

On my short journey so far I have gained so much more than that.  I have met others in similar situations and read their stories.  I have expanded my knowledge in the areas I am interested – particularly personality disorders.

I had a post published on the Personality Disorder Awareness Network – and my trickle increased slightly.

Then I linked my post to One Mom’s Battle on Facebook and the trickle became a deluge in a few minutes.

I increased my Best Ever views by 400% and the hits on my blog have increased by a third before the WordPress day had finished.

Facebook has infiltrated the world more than any other social media.  If we really want to get a message out or educate the general public – blogging may not be enough.

We might need to use the power Facebook.



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