Posted by: frogstale | November 17, 2013

Emotional abuse during divorce

Often, a narcissist’s emotional abuse towards a spouse escalates during divorce. Abused spouses can minimize the impact of abuse by learning what games narcissists play. (Emotional Abuse During Divorce)


Divorce is difficult enough without the added stress of an emotionally abusive spouse. Discover strategies to protect spouses and keep the children out of the middle. (Divorcing a Narcissist)

Two different posts on the Suite101 blog.  Both worth reading.

It is heartening that more and more blogs and internet sites are starting to talk about this difficult subject and teaching people how to deal with people with it.

The trouble is, you need to know that is what is happening to you, and be able to put a name to the confusion and craziness in your world, before you can find it on the internet.  You can’t google ‘my ex is making me feel crazy what do I do?’

But the more of us that write about these issues, the more posts we re-blog and the more information we get out there, the more chance we have of helping someone else suffering from a similar situation. And the more likely it is that the rest of the world will become aware of emotional and verbal abuse.

Thank goodness for the power of blogging and social media – there are some things that make it worthwhile.



  1. By reading those materials, EAL student could learn the different factors of writing. Jake knows rid of it and he would only really pick up on something different.

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