Posted by: frogstale | December 20, 2013

Manipulators – another description of personality disorders?

No matter your best efforts to be nice or giving, no matter how contrite you are or obliging, you always come up the loser. The manipulative individual somehow always prevails, unfazed by the turmoil he or she causes, even as you suffer. If this is how you have felt or feel you are dealing with a social puppeteer – a manipulator.

A great article in Psychology Today  by Joe Navarro describes three different types of manipulators.

  • The self centered/narcissist
  • The Predator/Parasite
  • The Emotional/Unstable Dramatic

The author says they are different personality types.  They sound like personality disorders to me.

The first is obviously the narcissist, the second a sociopath/psychopath and the third Borderline Personality Disorder.

Once you learn about these personality disorders you can see them in everything and everywhere.  When you have been emotionally and verbally abused you see it everywhere else too.

Do all abusers have personality disorders?

Are all manipulators abusive?

Are personality disorders everywhere?



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