Posted by: frogstale | February 11, 2014

Where does our time go?

There is never enough time and too many things to do.  It always used to be a problem, a full time job, children to raise, a house to manage, clean, cook, watch a bit of television, find time for friends and your relationship.

But in this new age of modern technology and ‘screens’ all around us, time has become even more difficult to find.  There are so many more things to do, all pulling us away from relationships with people in the real world.

  • 6 games of Words with Friends on the go – can’t leave my opponents waiting too long
  • a blog to write
  • other blogs to read
  • Killing silly birds or shooting jelly beans
  • Facebook – got to comment or like my friends posts or they will think I don’t care
  • Go online to check out a link or something shared on the social media– and end up whiling away hours following different leads down different paths
  • catch up tv or all those programs I recorded with my automatic recording device and never get the time to watch

The list goes on.  And I don’t even do Twitter, or Instagram or Snapchat or an y of the other other social media sites that my children tell me about.

I may be turning into an old fuddy duddy – but what happened to just sitting down for an hour and enjoying a good book, relaxing with a cup of tea, chatting with friends on the phone?

They seem to have disappeared into the frenzy created by all the ‘screens’ with no time left to do anything ‘real’.

Is it just me or is there less quality to our lives with the advent of Google and smartphones and all that they have brought into the world?



  1. I agree totally, I have a phone free Breakfast, lunch and dinner time with my 4 teenage kids and I don’t do any of the social media things because I want to spend time with my family, they’ll be grown up and gone within years and I’ll be joining whatever the new Facebook is then with all this spare time you’re meant to have when kids move out….until the Grandkids come along….

  2. Its not just you, with screens all around us, proper time management has becomes even harder. Before you know it, your friend wants your attention on facebook, someone wants your attention on whatsapp etc. I’ve even decided to sleep less hours, [which is bad] just so that I can keep up with all this.

    • There comes a time when all of us need to say STOP and get on with life outside of the boxes and screens. However for those who have an issue with addiction or specialised interests (like Aspergers) the screens just pull them in and don’t let them go.

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