Posted by: frogstale | February 28, 2014

Roller Coaster or Carousel?

Does your life look like this?


Or this?


Why do some of us end up on the roller coaster of life?  With enormous ups and downs, sickening drops and vomit making twists and turns.  And some people seem to sail through life on a gentle up and down on pretty horse, watching the world as they slowly go by.

I have been on the roller coaster of life for more than 10 years.  Every-time I think the ride is over and I can get off and take my turn on the carousel, my car just sails on past the stop sign and goes on for another go round.

Is it the choices I have made?  Partly.

Is it bad luck and circumstances I can’t control?  Partly

Is it the people in your life? I think so, yes.

What have I had in my life?

Addiction – yes.  Personality Disorder – yes.  Infidelity – yes.  Aspergers – yes. Infertility – yes. Domestic abuse – yes. Difficult child – yes.

Or is it all part of a grander plan?  Does God or a Higher Power have a hand in what fairground ride we are on?  Or is it in my own control?

Maybe I just need to decide to get off ?

I don’t have the answers but I will keep searching.

Are you on a roller coaster or a carousel right now?



  1. “God gives the hardest battles to His strongest soldiers”. I share all but one of your upside down loops on the roller coaster. How great to have experienced the roller coaster so that I can REALLY appreciate the merry-go-round and some cotton candy!

  2. It’s definately a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it slows down,,but then I get board and yell for it to go faster.

    • I never ever yell for it to go faster! I don’t like roller coasters in real life. Never get on them. If I did I like the slow stately kinds! In the roller coaster of life I really would be happy to hop off and onto the carousel for a breather. Doesn’t look like it is going to happen anytime soon though!

  3. I seem to be running back and forth between the two rides. The answer is never easy or simple. All we can do is try to survive, learn and hopefully enjoy the ride.
    “Open up the sky this mess is getting high
    It’s windy and our family needs a ride
    I know we’ll be just fine when we learn to love the ride
    I know we’ll be fine when we learn to love the ride
    I know we’ll be just fine when we learn to love the ride”~ Tim DeLaughter

    • Hi Kathryn, trying to learn to enjoy it – but a short break every now and again would help. Love the poem/song (not sure what it is but it is apt!).

  4. I can say i am definatly on a rollercoaster and can say i have had all of those apart from i cant say yes to a definate infidelity (meaning my gut screams to me YES but he just to clever to be caught ) i can only dream of a life on a carousel ..

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