Posted by: frogstale | October 25, 2014

Don’t Ignore the Red Flags Louise

red flags

There’s a minor controversy raging in Australia following the end of the Australian Bachelor 2014.  The Bachelor proposed to the ‘finalist’ on the last night of the show but it was revealed the next day that he had actually dumped her just before the show had aired.  Online article after article appeared, then TV interviews and glossy magazine articles.  To cut a long  and sordid story short for the sake of this blog post, it turns out that Bachie actually preferred the second runner up, Louise Pillidge, who was dumped in the penultimate episode.

During the show the Bachie was seen kissing and even fondling every bachelorette he took on a single date.  And as the numbers got smaller he asked each of them if they ‘see a future with me’ and ‘have feelings’?  He was even made to look as if he was going to dump the ‘winner’ Sam Frost when she couldn’t commit to him in one of the earlier episodes!

Now before you all start piping up ‘but it was a reality tv show’ – I am well aware of that.  I know that what we see is a version that the producers choose to show us and that the ‘footage’ is a few minutes culled from hours – and that the victims – oops I mean participants – are coached.

But NEVER THE LESS he kissed those girls, he said those words, he led many of them and I for one don’t believe he showed any respect or integrity in his behaviour.

And he didn’t display any fine characteristics after the show had finished either.  He wrote to Louise before the finale was aired explaining that she was his only love and that he let her go early to ‘spare her more heartache’ and because he was so confused about who he really loved. See Bachelor Tells Louise about his love in a letter

Then he lied about his relationship with Louise on national TV and neither of them had the decency to let Sam know about it before she found out the same way as the rest of us.

There are also interviews with the ‘winner’ Sam, and second runner up Lisa, that  claim that everything Bachie has said is a lie and that they are lucky they both dodged a bullet.  Lisa even says that Bachie called her before he wrote to Louise to ask ‘if she still had feelings and could see a future with me’. See Lisa and Sam’s Reaction

Louise is well aware of the media storm that has gone on and what has been said about Bachie, but she loves him and said that to be true to herself she has to ‘give it one last chance’. See Louise Calls Blake her Protector

Why am I telling you this?  Because I want to tell Louise to listen to her gut instincts and look at all the red flags that this particular Bachelor has demonstrated in this whole sordid mess.

Love isn’t enough.  This guy pashed a dozen girls on national TV in the name of ‘finding the one’.  He proposed to one girl knowing he had strong feelings for at least one other.  He hasn’t been truthful, respectful nor showed any integrity or empathy.

These are such huge red flags Louise.  Can you truly trust a man who did the wrong thing from the beginning?  Whatever he is telling you and however he tries to explain himself, do you really believe him?  Can you trust him? Or do you just want to believe him because you love him and you think love is enough?

Take it from many of us who know, a relationship that starts off with lies is doomed from the beginning.  And I hate to say it but from what has been revealed in the media I would be questioning whether this man has some sort of personality disorder too!


  1. Just as Vanna White played “herself” as contestant on The Price Is Right long before she was the letter turning star on Wheel of Fortune, these are reality TV stars. They responded to cattle call ads on places such as and mainly went for the spotlight. I’m fairly confident that although lots of drama (the more the better) surrounds them as well as their “feelings,” they kept their personal realities in check. If I were a hot 24 year-old, I’d probably be “in love” with him too lol. It’s not real.

  2. Yeah I know it isn’t ‘real’ but despite that, it is possible to see what the ‘real’ him is partly like and it wasn’t necessary for him to act that way. The previous Australian Bachelor did show respect and integrity in a way that this guy never did.

    I couldn’t put the whole story in the post, would be way too long, but as I watched the story play out in the media it became more and more obvious that this guy is really not being honest or authentic – even after the cameras stopped rolling.

    And of course Louise too chose to go on that show, but she did seem more authentic.

    Maybe this is all a big stunt and they both want to end up as superstars – and if it is more fool me for being gullible. However if she is for real – she really does need to watch out!

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